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CM Elite 130 mini-ITX PC Case Review

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  5. Installation Experience
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Unlike in typical cases, the panel is a single piece. You’ll need to remove three thumbscrews and slide off the panel.

The top vent’s mesh is clipped from the inside but for some odd reasons, cm did not include filters for the sides.

The left sidepanel section is clear from any obstacles or vertical trays, and as pointed out earlier the mini-ITX motherboard is mounted on the base while the PSU is mounted on the top.

The right sidepanel section is where you’ll find a storage drive mounting plate and an 80mm fan. The 80mm fan frame can be removed by removing the screws on the rear section of the case. The storage drive plate allows you to install an optional 120mm fan, but since it obstructs the key hole, you can’t install any drives on it.

Thankfully, the front panel connector and control PCB is attached on the case’s frame rather than on the front panel. The front panel allows the installation of 120mm fans only, but it should be noted that the fans are secured with push pins and not the usual screws.

Notice there is a support bar (seen on the top view image) where you can tie down the cables and keep it away from the motherboard. Depending on your requirement and the PSU length, you can adjust the distance of the support bar once you’ve removed the screws from both sides.

Unlike the Bitfenix Colossus mATX, the optical drive bay isn’t removable. but the key-holes allow you mount SSD and 3.5″ HDD drives with appropriate marking. There’s also a plus mount that there’s a 2.5″ mounting towards the underbelly of the optical drive.

But I wish the optical drive could be removed so that you’ll get more space to work in that section of the case where you have to populate it with a couple of 3.5” drives. At the very least you can remove it temporarily so that you get extra space to reach through from the top. A part of the optical bay is screw mounted, but the other side is riveted towards the front panel.

There are also the storage drive tray which can be removed. You’ll need to remove the screws from the underbelly of the case, should you want to remove it. The tray can also be used to mount a 120mm fan, but you lose the option to mount the storage drive in its place.

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