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CM Elite 130 mini-ITX PC Case Review

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The case is nicely made and well designed, provided you get the right components. Semi-modular/modular power supplies are something you should seriously consider when you’re using such cases.

People who want space efficiency will give this a serious look. This will attract a lot of mini-ITX LAN gamers. CM also did a good job in providing space for mounting 3.5″ and optical bays. It’s pretty good, all things considered. Like any mini-ITX/mATX cases, you’ll need to spend time and have patience while putting it together. I also recommend changing the front 120mm fan for a higher CFM rated fan.

You should also know the case will not allow the installation of full-sized power supplies and that’s why CM specifically said 180mm/7.1 inch long PSU with less cable management or 142mm long PSU with full cable management. There’s also the annoying part where I wish the Optical bay cage could be removed and having more space between the 80mm side fans and the motherboard. You can remove the 80mm fan frame if you want. You may have to remove it if your motherboard’s MOSFET sink (maybe even those mini-ITX motherboards that uses daughterboard for providing phase power chokes and MOSFET) would be an obstacle in some cases. I am not a fan of plastic case feet either. Some people would probably consider after-market case feet. But that’s the individual’s choice.

But there are enough cable tie clips on the case, and it does allow you to install longer GPUs up to 13.5″ with dual slot. The entire left panel section is vented, so the air flow shouldn’t be an issue but I do fish if there was an air filter for the sides.

If you look at the pricing, it will attract a lot of those who want a low-cost mini-ITX case for whatever reasons:

India U.S. U.K.
Rs. 3,470/- $39.99 £36.74

For this price, you’re getting the best you can get for the budget. The cons mentioned below wouldn’t look at bad, but I wish CM did put air filters on the side at the very least.

  • Great space efficiency for a mini-ITX case
  • Excellent value for money
  • Dual slot GPU installation up to 12″ to 13″
  • Multiple 3.5″ HDD/2.5″ drive installation potential
  • Plastic case feet
  • No dust filter for the side
  • Cannot remove the optical drive bay
  • 80mm side fan bracket tends to be an obstacle during installation

CM Elite 130

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