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CM QuickFire Rapid Gaming Keyboard Review

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You checked out the Red, now check out the black. This is the review for CM QuickFire Rapid with Cherry MX black keys.

Specifications/Features and Packaging

Nothing different from the Quickfire Rapid with Cherry MX Red keys- except the front shows that the board comes with Cherry MX Black, specifically explaining that it gives a strong linear feedback.

The rear shows that you get few extra keycaps (a couple of “Coolermaster” logo and Red coloured WASD Arrow keys), a keycap puller. This is a wired board but you will need to connect a USB-to-mini USB cable i.e. provided with the board. The cables are braided, with gold plated connectors and more than 2 feet long. Coolermaster also provided a USB-TO-PS2 converter with it. As you can see in the rear box picture, the board comes with 3 grooves, this way you can fix the cable as you see fit. Simple and efficient.

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