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CM Trigger

CM releases Trigger mechanical keyboard

Coolermaster refreshes its mechanical keyboard line-up starting with the CM Storm Trigger and there’s no better way to announce a product launch by announcing a contest with the same product as a giveaway.

Much like their older series, Coolermaster is having this keyboard with a choice of Blue, Black, Brown and Red Cherry switches. Goes without saying that Coolermaster is very active when it comes to newer launches and having series of contests for the gaming (and hardware enthusiast) community, but I am very curious to see how this board is, especially after a good impression that the Red Cherry Variant and would have had no problems giving it a high recommendation rating if it didn’t have the squeal issue and if it had a backlit. With a very big price tag of Rs. 9,899/- MRP, I have bigger hopes compared to the previous offerings.

But for those who want a good keyboard, give it a shot for this contest and see how it goes. If you do win, do mention you came to know about this contest via Hardware BBQ!! ;-). Good! Coolermaster is setting up such contests on a regular basis and keeping everyone happy!

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