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CM Nepton 280L

CM showed-off newer Nepton series liquid coolers at Computex

The folks of CM are going ahead with their plans to provide good water cooling solutions by introducing new models: Nepton 120XL and Nepton 240L. As said by CM, one significant change is that the coolers are bundled with the new Silencio fans.

High-efficiency jet impingement system

High-efficiency jet impingement system

As far as the Nepton series units are concerned, its ‘Advanced Silent Drivers’ has an extremely low vibration levels and helps to provide a high 120 ltr per hour flow rate with a noise level of 11dBA. CoolerMaster says that they’ve made these water blocks using a special manufacturing processor which produces a large microchannel surface area and a high-efficiency jet impingement system to optimize hotspot cooling performance.

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