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CM Storm Inferno ((SGM-4000-KLLN1-GP)) Gaming mouse Review

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I play FPS mostly so macro is more-or-less wasted for me. I would have loved this mouse overall if it wasn’t for the twin sensor issue. The grip and the overall built is excellent and something FPS gamers will feel comfortable to. If this is a common issue that twin sensor has by default, manufacturers needs to scrap this on their newer models and on the near ones- atleast till the time the sensor issue can be corrected.

A gaming mouse with a good build quality that feels great to use with way too many macro/script options and unfortunately with a sensor issue that will be a nuisance for FPS gamers on Razer Goliathus Control Edition cloth pad (to say the least).

The mouse comes with 1 year warranty period.

India U.S. U.K.
Rs. 2,999/- $ 41.99 £ 42.74

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