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CM Storm QuickFire Pro

CM Storm Quick Fire Pro Mechanical Keyboard Review

  1. Introduction
  2. Packaging and Specification
  3. Closer Look
  4. 6KRO/NKRO testing and User Experience
  5. Conclusion
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CMStorm QuickFire Pro frontCMStorm QuickFire Pro rear


Standard carton box with the usual CM Storm design. They have clearly stated Cherry black keys on the front and all the features with necessary illustrations on the other side of the box. Coolermaster could’ve mentioned the warranty period on the box.

CMStorm QuickFire Pro open

I received the board, the threaded USB cable and a key puller with the usual quick start guide. You might want to take a look at the quick start guide to know how to switch between 6KRO and NKRO. There’s no USB-to-PS2 converter provided. Unlike Quick Fire Rapid, you don’t get the extra red coloured WASD keys. You wouldn’t need it because this is a partial backlit keyboard.  You do get a key puller, but it would be preferable if manufacturers (and not just Coolermaster alone) give tips/cleaning instructions with the quick start guide too. This is the time when gamers will be tempted to slowly shift towards mechanical keyboards once they get enough cash (especially LAN gamers who participate in a lot of tournaments).

Advertised Specs CM Storm Quick Fire Pro
Model number
  • SGK-4010-GKCC1 (Black)
  • SGK-4010-GKCL1 (Blue)
  • SGK-4010-GKCM1 (Brown)
  • SGK-4010-GKCR1 (Red)
Key Switch CHERRY Black / Blue/ Brown/ Red
N-Key Rollover 6/Full N Key
Polling Rate 1000HZ/1ms
Backlighting Partial Keys
Windows Key Disable Yes
Media Keys Yes
Interface USB 2.0 Full Speed
Cable Length 1.8 m
Dimensions 454(L) x 155(W) x 31(H) mm
17.9(L) x 6.1 (W) x 1.2(H) inch
Weight 1300 g / 2.86 lb..

This board is pretty heavy but considering that this is a full-sized keyboard and the built quality I don’t really mind it.


  1. its weird that cm didn’t see that cable folding when they designed this board. thats why i prefer plastic insulation over threaded wrapping because eventually the threads come out. plastic on the other hand protects the cable properly even if you bend it hard. i hope the cable is also covered under warranty as some companies do not do that. but why have a removable cable in the first place?

    i think steelseries are the first guys to do full NKRO support via USB, not completely sure though. but one of the reviewers in another site said that microsoft released some update that lets you use NKRO via USB which didn’t make sense. any clarification on that part?

  2. why would anyone pick such an expensive keyboard? okay so the keys develop a shine, but to be honest i don’t see the point not to choose something like tvs gold.

  3. arey have you pressed the keys asx together and see if it works? if not then that is your answer. think logically. sidewinder x6 costs 2 thousand and a membrane keyboard steelseries merc itself costs 3k+, so considering all that this will actually cost 5 thousand since the price listed above if 6 thousand 5 hundred. tvs gold doenst even haz certain compatibility with certain keystrokes, let alone 6kro. ur tvs gold haz backlit? i think not.

    now if you question why is mechanical board is expensive, you need to google and check wat is the difference between mechanical and membrane keyboards. you want to buy cheap 3rd class stuff and play then wonder why certain key combinations dontz work then sux to b u!!!

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