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CM Storm Recon Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse Review

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The mouse has side buttons on both sides. There’s a certain “silky” feel on the silver plastic side that gives a good feel for your thumb.



This is from a right-handed user’s perspective: I don’t have issues pressing the side buttons, but I have larger hands. Someone who has smaller hands may have an issue pressing the top button. Coming to the buttons on the other end, I use an MX518 and did reviews for few mouse. Since this is an ambidextrous mouse, left-handed users will appreciate buttons on the other side too. I am not really sure if hand handed users will use their pinky to press the side buttons towards the right. If not and you want to, better make sure your pinky gets used to it.


As a claw/palm grip user, this mouse is very comfortable to hold: the shape, size and the feel of it together contribute that feeling. There’s a thick rubberised coat on the top of the mouse. Its hard to put it in words, but if you’ve used MX510, the much older mouse from Logitech. The rubber-ish coat which was in that mouse was thick enough it doesn’t peel off and it for many users you like the feel of the grip compared to the older mouse where its known that the coating comes out after few month or maybe a year and a half, depending on the usage. This mouse reminds me of MX510.


The feels are good enough even to give a feel of comfortable sliding even with Razer Goliathus Control Edition which usually has a texture material to create friction.


The grip on the scroll wheel is good enough, but when you’re using the wheel of the mouse pretty fast it makes that noise which kind of reminds you of a certain mouse. Not that I am saying it’s a con. Merely saying that there’s a noise when you use the scroll wheel.


The LED on the mouse gives you the choice to illuminate up to 10 type of lights, although some of the choices look somewhat similar/equal/hardly any difference. The scroll key, the DPI buttons and CM Storm’s logo is the part that can be illuminated and each of the LED lights can be changed with the choice of continuous glow, flashing when changing or rapid fire when you’re pressing the left click button.

There’s something that I wanted to point out when I was discussing with another fellow reviewer about this mouse. The side buttons, especially the up button would require stretching your thumb to reach that button, where the down button is comfortably large. The buttons could have had equal shape/length which could the issue. It is also weird that the side buttons on the left and right side are present as forward/backward keys of browsers by default and not for scrolling. Not really a big deal, you can always download Recon’s utility and change it.


  1. Razor DA is ambidextrous too but they’re not very long lasting…

  2. i need ET fingers to reach those buttons on the side. thanks for opening up the mouse and showing the guts of it.

  3. I bought this. I loved it. replaced mx518.

  4. What a very nice review about CM Storm Recon 800dpi- 4000dpi Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse <3 Thanks for the such an informative post!

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