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CM Storm Recon Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse Review

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  2. Packaging and Specifications
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  4. Internal Impression
  5. Software Impression
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The only screw on the mouse is on the base covered by a plastic cap. There are 3 clips on each side of them and you’ll need to push the top panel of the mouse down in order to remove, but care needs to take as the wiring between 2 PCB is short and there’s a removable 4 pin LED attachment which illuminates the scroll key.


There are 2 PCB- one for the top and side buttons, whereas the rest is on the larger PCB on the base.



As stated by CM, the mouse uses Avago 3090 sensor. The keys that the left/right/scroll click use Omron switches. As you can see from the left click view, the scroll ring is secured nicely on one end, whereas the right side is open so that it can be used as a click button for the scroll.

As you can see on the 3rd picture, the removable LED attachment illuminates the key from within so that sides of the scroll ring will be properly illuminated.


The chip allows you to save up to 5profiles, macro settings and LED/DPI configuration for each profile.


The 2 buttons for the DPI use Omron keys whereas for the side buttons it uses TTC switches.

The mouse is fairly easy to disassemble, and that’s good, especially for those who want to mod or repaint the body of the mouse.


  1. Razor DA is ambidextrous too but they’re not very long lasting…

  2. i need ET fingers to reach those buttons on the side. thanks for opening up the mouse and showing the guts of it.

  3. I bought this. I loved it. replaced mx518.

  4. What a very nice review about CM Storm Recon 800dpi- 4000dpi Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse <3 Thanks for the such an informative post!

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