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CM Storm Recon Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse Review

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  2. Packaging and Specifications
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  4. Internal Impression
  5. Software Impression
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The mouse’s sense by default lets you set dpi levels between 800- 4000. In most cases, I am satisfied with 800/1600 dpi. Anything more and I find it difficult to adapt.


You’ll need to download the Recon software from the website. With the utility, an impression was made that mouse firmware update tool downloads the firmware and flashes at the same time. If that was the case, there was a bit of a concern if there’s a chance of mouse getting bricked if something happened to the connection and its stuck in the middle of flashing. But as far as what Coolermaster said:

Well, both activities happen simultaneously, the mouse gets flashed as the firmware gets downloaded. But the mouse won’t go dead in case the internet goes down and the firmware update process gets interrupted in between. In such cases with the software is restarted, it will detect the mouse and ask for the firmware update again.


What’s peculiar is that the side buttons on both sides are by default preset to be used as forward/backward keys for browsers.


The Recon driver/firmware update built-in tool comes with the file size of 14.2MB, lets you set LOD, DPI and polling rate. The Macro option lets you store 9 macro profiles, with each can store up to 100 macro combos. You can also create many profiles for your mouse as well. Having the ability to adjust the liftoff distance is a plus sign.


  1. Razor DA is ambidextrous too but they’re not very long lasting…

  2. i need ET fingers to reach those buttons on the side. thanks for opening up the mouse and showing the guts of it.

  3. I bought this. I loved it. replaced mx518.

  4. What a very nice review about CM Storm Recon 800dpi- 4000dpi Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse <3 Thanks for the such an informative post!

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