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CM Storm Recon Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse Review

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CM storm’s gaming hardware (and some cases) made a pretty good impression so far, especially their keyboards. This mouse is an ambidextrous design and its been a long time since I’ve used one. Keeping that in mind, I have high expectations for CM Storm’s Recon. Like all Tier 1 brands, Coolermaster mentions all of the specification on their packaging clearly, all but the warranty period. According to the booklet inside, it comes with 2 years warranty. What's not mentioned the book or the packaging is the weight of the mouse. You get the mouse in a crystal case and an…

Review Overview

Overall Response - 9
Built Quality - 10
Buttons placement - 7
Grip Comfort - 9
For FPS - 8.5


BBQ Score

Summary : Its shaped very nicely and it’s a comfortable grip. The only issue is the way the side buttons are being put up. The mouse slides nicely on textured mouse pads. Recommended for palm/claw type users.

The best part is, some type of claw users may need some time to get used with a mouse like Xornet/Spawn. This on the other hand, especially if you’ve used mouse such as MX518 from Logitech, this mouse fits like a glove. All you need is download the Recon software, change 1-3 settings depending on your preference, and you’re set!

Ambidextrous will welcome this mouse, as long as they have larger hands.

India U.S. U.K.
Rs. 2,679/- $39.99 £48.18


  1. Razor DA is ambidextrous too but they’re not very long lasting…

  2. i need ET fingers to reach those buttons on the side. thanks for opening up the mouse and showing the guts of it.

  3. I bought this. I loved it. replaced mx518.

  4. What a very nice review about CM Storm Recon 800dpi- 4000dpi Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse <3 Thanks for the such an informative post!

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