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CM Storm Sirus S 5.1 Headset Review

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The Coolermaster Storm Sirus S may sound familiar already. That is because the Sirus S is based on their already existing Storm 5.1 gaming headset.

In case anyone is interested in reading the earlier Sirus Storm review may click here

Coming back to the newer Storm S, the differences between this and the older Storm are merely the absence of an inbuilt 5.1 sound card. Otherwise, the headphone specifications of the Sirus S and the older Sirus are the same. Even the looks, build quality and cable are practically the same.

The main USP of the Sirus S is that since there is no inbuilt sound card the price is a bit lower. The other difference is that the Sirus S comes with an extra set of ear cups and a nice carry bag as well.

So the Sirus S is also a 5.1 capable headphone with 8 headphone drivers for a real (not emulated) 5.1 surround sound experience.

It also has a retractable microphone and instead of the Tactical control that came with the older Sirus, this one has an inline remote with dedicated volume controls for front, rear, centre and subwoofer channels.


  1. you seem to be more into photography as well.. but you need to put more photos…

  2. Hi Ivan, thanks for taking the time to comment. We always love feedback from our readers. 🙂

    Well you are spot on ! I love photography quite a bit. However I did post 10 photos for this review (Retail box – front (1)/back (2), headphone with all accessories (3) headphone – side I with mic(4)/side II(5), The connectors(6), Volume control – front (7)/back (8)/side I (9)/side II (10) ). I really didn’t think more photographs would be required for any reader to fully understand the headphone features and looks. Also we now returned the review sample to Coolermaster so there is no possibility of adding more photos to this review.

    However if you could suggest some more angles that you feel can enhance a viewers understanding of the product, I would be more than happy to add more photos for future headphone reviews. (One review is coming up within a week from Coolermaster itself ! Stay tuned !).

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