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CM working on HAF XB Rev 2 PC Case

Coolermaster’s rep in Overclock.net forums said that they’ve been working on HAF XB Rev 2 based on suggestions that were given on the HAF-XB Club thread.

According to the post, there will be 3 main changes on the HAF XB PC Chassis. The 3rd revision of X-Dock PCB will be using SATA Power connector instead of a peripheral MOLEX connector, followed by an addition of 2x 3.5″ HDD cage in place of 4x 2.5″ SSD Cage. There is also bee a new plastic top panel to allow 200mm+ tower coolers. Just to give a rough idea, a Noctua D14 itself comes with a height of 160mm.

CM’s rep also acknowledged the 140mm installation issue where one cannot install the frame after installing 2x 140mm from outside the frame but didn’t really say if that would be fixed, rather the rep says that the extra structure was needed to prevent the front panel from flexing/cracking during removal.


It is still unclear if these are the final changes to the second rev, but after reading the massive thread, it is best if CM collects all the information and feedback possible or try to incorporate them in the new rev all the way.

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  1. why would anyone use a tall cpu cooler than D14 in this day of age? having a full blown water cooling setup is a lot more convenient and effective

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