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Codemasters launches GRID 2 SE for ₤125,000

Codemasters recently announced GRID 2: Mono Edition which includes the game, PlayStation 3 Console and the actual 170 mph BAC Mono Super Car with an exclusive paint job and few more stuff! But you’re paying a huge premium because of the street-legal high-performance supercar!

The BAC Mono is a Made in UK ultra-high performance road-legal supercar made with Carbon fibre and 2.3 litres, 280 Bhp four-cylinder engine which can accelerate from 0- 50 mph in 2.8 seconds.

You’re also getting certain exclusives as well, such as PS3 will have the artwork on the packaging, spending a day at the BAC factory which includes a factory tour and spending time with technicians and to customize the BAC Mono, followed by GRID 2 branded racing helmet, suit, boots and gloves.

But for those you’re simply cool with having the car in the game, they can wait till the standard editions are shipped on May 28th for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.


You can pre-order the mono edition online, all you need is  £125,000!!

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