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GTX 670 Colourful Nvidia

Pictures of Colourful GTX 670 Leaked

Well, eventually it had to happen. Pictures of GTX 670 are leaked by a website and now they’re all over the internet. The first sentence in mind? Look at the size of that thing!!!

The card is made by a Chinese Company called “Colourful” and by the looks of the heatsink it looks no different from how you would expect from a GTX 680, but once you turn it around, the size of the PCB is what will stun everyone. It goes without saying that Colourful has a separate section away from the PCB for the fan so it will be interesting to see if others will make the card with the same design. The article was published in OBR Hardware- that was taken down eventually.


Do note that PCINLIFE was the first to put up the pictures of the PCB of the GPU with the initial benchmark results, although there was some skepticism if this was the real deal. However, after these leaks, I am sure most of the doubts if this would be the actual size of GTX 670’s PCB should be put down to rest.


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