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OZONE EKHO H80 Origen Pro Gaming Headset [NikkTech]

Discussion in 'Tech & Game Reviews, Unboxing and Previews' started by The Sorcerer, Feb 1, 2017.

  1. The Sorcerer

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    For the EKHO H80 Origen Pro Gaming Headset Ozone Gaming used two large 53mm dynamic stereo drivers that feature a frequency response of 10Hz-20KHz with 32 Ohm impedance and 97dB sensitivity (this number is not present online just on the box), a uni-directional retractable microphone which features a frequency response of 50Hz-20KHz with -38dB sensitivity and 2.2 KOhm impedance and a 7.1 virtual surround USB card by C-Media Electronics (unfortunately the headset only features a USB plug). The EKHO H80 Origen Pro Gaming Headset also features a in-line controller with which you can control the volume levels (you can also mute both the microphone and the two drivers) and an exclusive design (unlike many other gaming headsets in the market which are rebranded) with extra-large earpads for increased comfort and blue LEDs on the exterior of both earcups.

    OZONE EKHO H80 Origen Pro Gaming Headset Review

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