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Upgrade preparation for aftermarket CPU air coolers

Discussion in 'BBQ Guides and Tutorials' started by The Sorcerer, Jul 14, 2015.

  1. The Sorcerer

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    Dec 28, 2013
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    When your Intel stock CPU cooler couldn’t do the best job in cooling for you, that’s when you know you must upgrade to a good enough aftermarket CPU air coolers. Despite DIY and sealed liquid CPU coolers being around the market, CPU air coolers are still maintaining its position with most brands released newer variants time after time, improving upon older designs. In my opinion, it’s much easier to maintain and clean CPU coolers, and many good CPU coolers can match or even provide better cooling, depending on the CPU and its TDP output. CPU air coolers have various form factors, and while the water blocks are technically ‘low profile’, it requires you to install the radiator somewhere.

    Not that I am saying a closed loop or any liquid cooling loop is a bad thing, but rather it hold certain cooling benefits and even aesthetics. But every product has pros and cons. Liquid cooling also has a set of pros and cons. This guide concentrates on installing CPU air coolers, typically the variant that uses a backplate design for mounting it on the motherboard.

    There are many variants, designs, purpose, size and specifically made for processors with a certain heat output rating (TDP). There is a basic checklist that first timers can use to make the right decisions. But for those who have already made that decision, this is the next time. Installing a brand new aftermarket CPU coolers is a pretty exciting experience. But while aftermarket CPU air cooler manufacturers have instruction manuals for installation, they usually don’t mention what needs to be done before and during installation. This guide carries a small part of the thermal paste application guide for Intel stock coolers since the cleaning process is the same and you will need all the stuff mentioned there for this upgrade.

    As a recommendation, it's also best to search for the best aftermarket CPU cooling you get in your area or via online purchase. Check for the reviews from multiple websites to get as much information about compatibility, pros and cons as much as possible. If the cooling performance, along with the bundled fan, thermal paste and a mounting method is to your liking, along with a good enough warranty period, go for it. If you still cannot make any decisions, you can ask in the forums and we’ll help you out.

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