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Cooler Master CK550 Mechanical Keyboard Review

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Functions, functions functions…

While this is a preference, Cooler Master CK550 has too many LED controls. While keyboards like TteSports Meka Pro and even GALAX’s Xanova Magnetar RGB has a hotkey for a Calculator, My Computer, Web Browser and even a mute function. The only way to mute via this keyboard is to reduce the volume entirely. If you look at hotkey function on the HyperX Alloy FPS Pro, its done conservatively keeping the keys F1-F5 to spare, which would have been populated with RGB controls (since HyperX Alloy FPS Pro I reviewed is a red only LED model).

The keyboard is intended to aim towards gamers but people use their PCs other than for games. It is also essential for mid-section of the keyboards to have a strong backbone to reduce flexing with the pop-out feet.

Why the fixed cable?

I am also not sure why Cooler Master chose the permanent cable. So far, the MasterKeys Pro L is the only full-size keyboard I’ve tested so far with a removable cable option, with others being tenkeyless. I asked the reason why. I didn’t get any response for that. Mechanical keyboards last very long, and it would be a shame if the only issue (when it arrives) is going to be the cable.


Cooler Master Master Keys Pro L is a great keyboard, with the only way to make it a little better is to have floating keycap design and probably add those hotkey functions. Both of these keyboards are full sized. Pro L is Cherry MX. CK550 is a Gateron variant.

I love Gateron switches. Many have recommended these in the same rank or even higher than Cherry MX switches. Even with that Linear tactile bump, the keyboard does not make the same click just Kailh and Cherry MX Blue. Its quieter than the Kailh LP switch based Havit HV-KB390L. The only advantage keyboards like KB390 have is the actuation type, which doesn’t exactly cater to the same audience.

Keyboard Actuation Recording

Just like the actuation sensation, the subtle tactile bump doesn’t generate noise anything equivalent to Cherry MX Blue/Kailh Blue or equivalent switches.

Should you buy it?

All the pros and cons with two years warranty translate into pricing. Keeping everything in mind, the Cooler Master CK500 mechanical is a very good keyboard. Cooler Master has done a wise decision switching to Gateron since they do actuate better than Cherry MX depending on your preference. Sure, there are keyboards like the Motospeed CK108 and even the domestic Indian brands that are made by similar Chinese-based domestic brands. Kailh switches eventually develop a sharp springy feel most likely due to the quality of lubrication. Brands like Razer gets custom quality switches, as it did with its own. The other keyboards that I use for preparing articles still work like a champ.

At the time of writing, CM India quoted the street price of Rs. 6,399/-. You are getting a full-size Gateron switch based mechanical keyboard at a price of a numkeyless Cherry MX switch based counterparts. The cons may look less pointy, depending on the end user’s need of budget and requirements.

  • Gateron switch options
  • RGB(?)
  • Too many on-the-fly RGB controls
  • Two-years warranty
  • Pricing
  • Permanently attached cable
  • Flexing when keyboard stands on the pop-out feet
  • Some function keys could have been assigned for other functions



  1. You should review a keyboard according to how much it costs. This is why this keyboard is cheap because corners have been cut.

  2. Pricing is fine. Gaterons are considered to be equal or better than Cherry MX depending on the user’s experience and preference. I only wish for this keyboard to have a detachable USB cable. Mechanical keyboards like these last very long, so if something dies eventually depending on the wear and tear, a detachable cable makes it easy to replace a bad cable with a new one.

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