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Cooler Master CM310 Optical Sensor Gaming Mouse Review

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Mouse Design

At first sight, the CM310 is a simple design with a matte black finish. The thumb rest also has a rubber grip on both sides.

Switches and Grip

The scroll wheel has a good rubber grip. The grips on the side give a good non-slippery grip. Apart from the side switches, this mouse is an ambidextrous design. The CM 310 is incredibly lightweight, which is a preferential requirement based on the user’s skill set and comfort level. While lifting the mouse, I don’t feel any center-weight off balance. It is only a combination of these two factors makes a mouse a serious contender as it wins half the battle to be shortlisted by a user.

For some reason, the side and the top switches are a glossy finish. The mouse cord is pre-attached and uses the normal plastic housing, which in my opinion is a far better option than using thick paracorded cable.

Wrist Rest and Feet

Due to the uniform finish of the mouse shell and the comfortable side grips, this mouse is fairly good to use as a daily driver and for gaming. The shell on the click switches is also shaped to rest hands. This becomes important to emphasize as gaming peripherals are becoming expensive, while newer mouse on this price segment usually has toned down design and features, depending on the company’s philosophy behind it. There are two horizontal mouse feet on either side. It is been a while side I’ve seen peripheral makers have small mouse feet placed for horizontal scrolling. But these strips are wide enough to provide smooth glide on both the X and Y axis over the cloth pads- both had and soft materials.

RGB Illumination

RGB illumination needs to done conservatively on a mouse, contradicting to the typical products with RGB lights. The RGB highlights the side, the scroll wheel and the minimalistic border of the cooler master logo. The lights are diffused properly giving an equal illumination.

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