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Cooler Master CM310 Optical Sensor Gaming Mouse Review

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Premium Mice= Needless complication??

More the features, more complicated a mouse comes and hence cons add up. We’ve learned that on the Razer Naga Trinity (2018). Not everyone can get the variable weight add-ons right as it would create an off-balance in weight. I’ve always wished the CM Storm Alcor should have side grips like its premium laser sensor based Mizar. But that was a LONG time ago. They sure did take a long time!

In the end…it does matter!

The Cooler Master CM 310 uses the Pixart A3325 optical sensor. This is one of the sensors expected for a mouse of such class and it has a good long-lasting reputation on several other makes. This mouse offers a DPI range between 500 to 10,000. But realistically people aren’t going to use anything more than 2000-4000 DPI.

There is no software to control, therefore all controls are on the fly (DPI and RGB controls). This mouse is meant to be an all-around plug-and-play no-thrills and features mouse. I wouldn’t be surprised if the intended audience was the fast-paced FPS gamers. Playing Overwatch, DOOM and Quake Champions on these resonates with the same sensation as I had with Logitech MX518, its sucessor model and many other optical mice.

The Cooler Master CM 310 is very agile. The light and center-weight distribution of the mouse makes it easier to glide around the mouse pad. While for gaming, its performance is pretty decent and so real-world issues, simple mice do that. This is an excellent daily driver mouse and it will give that premium introduction without breaking the bank. If you’re shopping for a versatile optical mouse, this is one of the gaming mice you can shortlist. If you’re looking for a ‘gamer’ mouse for a daily driver, this is a great mouse to grab!

  • Pixart Sensor
  • Rubber grip
  • Lightweight
  • Ambidextrous Design
  • Out-the-box controls
  • Side grip buttons aimed towards right-handed users
India US UK
Rs 2,342/- $22.16 £23.99

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