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Cooler Master CM310 Optical Sensor Gaming Mouse Review

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Disclosure:  The CM310 optical gaming mouse is loaned by Cooler Master for this review.

Cooler Master has been in peripheral business for a long time, especially with regularly releasing newer keyboards and headsets. The Cooler Master CK550 and the MH751 are two good examples. The gaming peripheral market is over-crowded and yet it manages to sell. The last mouse I’ve reviewed from Cooler Master is the Alcor and the Mizar. I loved the Alcor optical mouse. It was an agile mouse with all the switches places in reachable areas and I wanted more was the grips the Laser mouse Mizar. This wasn’t the only brand that had this point of view at the time since everyone was in the race to push laser sensors and the next best thing. I never really understood why optical sensors were considered less premium to justify lesser premium features when it was hassle-free, compared to laser sensors of certain makes that had quirks that took some firmware and sensor updates implemented by the manufacturer. Logitech was one of the gaming peripheral makers that were able to capitalize this with its MX series. For some reason, it ditched the MX branding under G series- and now brought it back.


This did give other mouse manufacturers a good reputation among gamers and PC enthusiasts. Zowie, Steelseries, Razer, eVGA and several others got a good share. Eventually, HyperX had something. Cooler Master seemed rather conservative when it comes to a mouse. That doesn’t mean they cannot make a good enough mouse. It felt they were holding itself back.

But we have the Cooler Master CM310, now! An optical mouse with the same essence as the CM Storm Alcor….and rubber grips! Excellent. Naturally, there would be changes in design, features and sensors. It does seem to be carrying its spirit.

Packaging and Content

CM310’s packaging is a little overkill for its class and price segment, but hey, why bother complaining about that? It does look good enough to keep as a collector’s item for whatever reason. I’ve purchased the Logitech C922X and for its price, the packaging is no different than that for a pack of cards.

You’ll just get the mouse and the instruction manual. Nothing else. There’s really nothing to accessorize gaming mice, apart from a USB cap and maybe a spare mouse feet? But Cooler Master maxed out whatever they can provide on the mouse, giving it a good 1up over the previous CM mouse I’ve tested- the Alcor!


Product Name CM310
Model Number CM-310-KKWO2
Grip Type Palm & Claw
Material ABS Plastic / Rubber
Color Black
LED Color 16.7 Million RGB with 5 Modes
Sensor Pixart A3325 (10000 DPI)
CPI / DPI 7 Levels (500, 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000, 10000)
Tracking Speed 60 ips
Lift Off Distance < ~3mm
Polling Rate 1000 Hz / 1 ms
Mouse acceleration 20g
Buttons 8
Body Coating Matte UV Coating
Connector USB 2.0
Cable Length Flexible Rubber, 1.8 Meters
Dimensions (W x H x D) 127 x 71.5 x 39.5 mm
5 x 2.8 x 1.6 inches
Weight 135 g ± 5g
0.297 lbs
Weight (without USB Cable) 100 g ± 5g
0.22 lbs
Warranty 2 years
EAN 4719512071168
UPC 884102043666

The Cooler Master CM310 is using the Pixart A3325 sensor, the same optical sensor renamed in the SteelSeries Rival 110 as ‘TrueMove1’ with some on-chip upgrades. The mouse weight 100 grams and has 2 years warranty. There are a total of eight switches for the intended plug-and-play users with matte finish coating and 7 variable DPI switch between 500 to 10,000 DPI. The additional switch on the mouse is for the on-the-fly RGB effects which can be circulated between 5 modes.

Mouse Design

At first sight, the CM310 is a simple design with a matte black finish. The thumb rest also has a rubber grip on both sides.

Switches and Grip

The scroll wheel has a good rubber grip. The grips on the side give a good non-slippery grip. Apart from the side switches, this mouse is an ambidextrous design. The CM 310 is incredibly lightweight, which is a preferential requirement based on the user’s skill set and comfort level. While lifting the mouse, I don’t feel any center-weight off balance. It is only a combination of these two factors makes a mouse a serious contender as it wins half the battle to be shortlisted by a user.

For some reason, the side and the top switches are a glossy finish. The mouse cord is pre-attached and uses the normal plastic housing, which in my opinion is a far better option than using thick paracorded cable.

Wrist Rest and Feet

Due to the uniform finish of the mouse shell and the comfortable side grips, this mouse is fairly good to use as a daily driver and for gaming. The shell on the click switches is also shaped to rest hands. This becomes important to emphasize as gaming peripherals are becoming expensive, while newer mouse on this price segment usually has toned down design and features, depending on the company’s philosophy behind it. There are two horizontal mouse feet on either side. It is been a while side I’ve seen peripheral makers have small mouse feet placed for horizontal scrolling. But these strips are wide enough to provide smooth glide on both the X and Y axis over the cloth pads- both had and soft materials.

RGB Illumination

RGB illumination needs to done conservatively on a mouse, contradicting to the typical products with RGB lights. The RGB highlights the side, the scroll wheel and the minimalistic border of the cooler master logo. The lights are diffused properly giving an equal illumination.

Premium Mice= Needless complication??

More the features, more complicated a mouse comes and hence cons add up. We’ve learned that on the Razer Naga Trinity (2018). Not everyone can get the variable weight add-ons right as it would create an off-balance in weight. I’ve always wished the CM Storm Alcor should have side grips like its premium laser sensor based Mizar. But that was a LONG time ago. They sure did take a long time!

In the end…it does matter!

The Cooler Master CM 310 uses the Pixart A3325 optical sensor. This is one of the sensors expected for a mouse of such class and it has a good long-lasting reputation on several other makes. This mouse offers a DPI range between 500 to 10,000. But realistically people aren’t going to use anything more than 2000-4000 DPI.

There is no software to control, therefore all controls are on the fly (DPI and RGB controls). This mouse is meant to be an all-around plug-and-play no-thrills and features mouse. I wouldn’t be surprised if the intended audience was the fast-paced FPS gamers. Playing Overwatch, DOOM and Quake Champions on these resonates with the same sensation as I had with Logitech MX518, its sucessor model and many other optical mice.

The Cooler Master CM 310 is very agile. The light and center-weight distribution of the mouse makes it easier to glide around the mouse pad. While for gaming, its performance is pretty decent and so real-world issues, simple mice do that. This is an excellent daily driver mouse and it will give that premium introduction without breaking the bank. If you’re shopping for a versatile optical mouse, this is one of the gaming mice you can shortlist. If you’re looking for a ‘gamer’ mouse for a daily driver, this is a great mouse to grab!

  • Pixart Sensor
  • Rubber grip
  • Lightweight
  • Ambidextrous Design
  • Out-the-box controls
  • Side grip buttons aimed towards right-handed users
India US UK
Rs 2,342/- $22.16 £23.99

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