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Cooler Master H500P Mesh Edition PC Case Review

  1. About the Cooler Master H500P Mesh Edition…
  2. PC Case Overview (External)
  3. PC Case Overview (Internal)
  4. Compatitiblity check and installation Experience
  5. Setup images, Illumination Effects and Test Setup
  6. Performance Testing- Sound and Temperature
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PC Case Overview- External

The case shares some essence with the Cooler MasterCase Pro 5, though the accurate description would be with the original H500P. The mesh is not overdone. Its tastefully implemented to allow airflow to move with little to no block from front to rear. While the sides of the top and front panel have mesh, the left sidepanel has a tempered glass design.

The whole case is primarily white with some black accents on the glass border, feet, mesh, etc. The choice of colours helps the design to stand out and I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of people opt for this over the gunmetal grey.

Ventilation Areas

One of the improvements over the original H500P is the front panel has full mesh access.

Front Panel Overview

There are only USB 3.0 and 2.0 ports. Seeing how cases typically stay with many users for a long time and few mid-end boards having front panel USB 3.1 type-C header, it would be nice to have seen one front panel type c connector provided. There are the usual audio jacks, the switches and the activity indicator. There is a white lit LED ring around the power button. As said above, it would be nice to have another switch for cycling the colours of its RGB fans via its hub.

Rear Panel Overview

The only notable part of the rear panel is the vertical mount. All PCIe covers are reusable. The case allows you to install 120/140mm fan for exhaust and its preinstalled with an all-white standard non-PWM CM A14025-12CB-3BN-F1 fan with 1200 RRPM/ 19 dbA rated fan.

Top Panel Overview

The top panel has the ability to install 3x 120/140mm fans and 2x 200mm fans. The H500P has a top panel clearance of 55mm thick radiators. The top panel mounting frame can be easily removed from the case, install fans/radiator and remount them.

Underbelly Area

There is a removable mesh filter for the power supply but it requires the user to pull the system out to remove the filter from behind. The better alternative is to allow the filter to slide sideways. The base stands are plastic caps with rubber feet glued against it. Towards the front panel in the underbelly section, you’ll find another mesh that is screwed in.

Sidepanel Area

The tempered sidepanel can be installed on both sides. I am sure this is intentional as the right panel has a cover on the motherboard tray and a vertical shroud to hide most of the cabling. This is redundant as the left panel is just steel- unless Cooler Master will sell additional tempered glass panel for the other side or have dual glass panel variant. The top and its base have a metal frame to facilitate mounting and sliding effectively.

The screw on the top is a lock which latches on the case. This is far better than having thumbscrews on all four corners. You don’t need to worry about having it loosen as you can tighten the screw from the other side. The glass sits well on the PC case. No wobbly. It is a perfect fit. Having a metal border on both sides help.

There are clips on the metal frame that rests on the case. This way it will prevent the side panel from free-falling accidentally.


  1. Thanks god! You’re the only website who clarified how the 2 front-facing fans were plugged. My mobo only has 2 CHA_FAN headers so I’m very pleased with the Y Cable.

  2. Thanks, man! Much appreciated! Your comment really motivated me to keep up the good work! Have a great day!

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