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Cooler Master H500P Mesh Edition PC Case Review

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  2. PC Case Overview (External)
  3. PC Case Overview (Internal)
  4. Compatitiblity check and installation Experience
  5. Setup images, Illumination Effects and Test Setup
  6. Performance Testing- Sound and Temperature
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Cable Management/ Motherboard clearance

In most part, the case provides a good installation experience but you’ll end up using most of the time doing cable management instead.

The cut-outs on the motherboard tray to re-route the 8-pin EPS ATX cable is a little small. This isn’t a problem if your power supply lets you split connectors. If not, that ‘s the fault of your power supply’s manufacturer. If you plan to stick with air cooling but have a top fans mount, it would sit within the removable frame The radiator/fans will pull/push air from top panel’s side vents. The three large rubber grommets are placed in the right area giving access to most of the connectors on the motherboard. Its well secured on the case.

PSU Clearance

As you can see, the filter is large enough to cover power supplies much longer than 160 mm, typically 1 kW and above variants. It would be best to use a semi-modular/modular flat cable power supplies, despite the shrouds on both sides. This helps to keep a clean cable management and also you need to stuff the cable lengths between the cable management shrouds.

SSD/HDD Installation

This mount is used since the MasterCase 5 series. It covers the entire SSDs and has routing holes for its cables. It would be nice to see more space and height between the SSD cable management holes and the mounting plate. this way, the SATA cable’s housing can be easily routed and won’t put a pressure on the SSD’s connectors. If you’re not able to use the last SATA power connector for the SSD, using those which are placed in the middle to be difficult as the wiring goes through it, so you end up bending the wiring just to push it in. The thickness of the SATA Power/cable’s housing varies depending on the manufacturer. It also needs to account for the thickness of paracord cables individually used for each wiring. Individual wiring and combing accessories are easily available from manufacturers like cablemod.

The HDD mounting cage could be better. To install one, you’ll need to bend the plastic frame and slide on one end and somehow tuck the other air in while making sure the mounting pins don’t get pushed out. Cooler Master had cases with retractable HDD trays in the past. Why is it not a thing anymore??

Vertical GPU Installation and Clearance


  1. Thanks god! You’re the only website who clarified how the 2 front-facing fans were plugged. My mobo only has 2 CHA_FAN headers so I’m very pleased with the Y Cable.

  2. Thanks, man! Much appreciated! Your comment really motivated me to keep up the good work! Have a great day!

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