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Metal base for the tempered glass panel

Cooler Master MasterBox MB500 PC Case Review

  1. About the Masterbox MB500…
  2. PC Case Overview- External
  3. PC Case Overview- Internal
  4. Compatibility Check and Installation Experience
  5. Setup images, Illumination Effects and Test Setup
  6. Performance Testing- Sound and Temperature
  7. Conclusion
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PC Case Overview- Internal

The Masterbox MB500 allows you to mount the SSDs vertically as can be seen from its left sidepanel. You’ll notice the PSU shroud is riveted on the case. There are two cutouts on the motherboard tray for the most of the cables like SATA, 24 pin USB 3.0 header and fan headers. Another cut-out towards the top left of the tray for EPS ATX cable. You’ll also notice there is a cut-out between the two SSD mounts towards the right side of the motherboard tray. This is good as it does not rely on the cut-outs for the motherboard connectors. The SATA Power and data cable have a dedicated area. Since the SATA power cables have few connectors on the cables, the un-used ones need space, so from the right side, You’ll see a recessed area where the front cables are routed through.

There are no grommets for the cable management holes.

PSU shroud area

At the top of the shroud, you can screw in two additional SSDs, giving space up to four SSDs in this PC case. There are vents and cable management holes for the SSDs, headers and front panel connectors. The Shroud cannot be removed as it is riveted to the case.

PCIe/rear fan area

You can see a little cost cutting here as Cooler Master is using standard hex screws instead of thumbnails. It would be nicer to see additional space above the shroud and the PCIe slots.

This PC case as a total of three 120mm RGB fans. According to HW-INFO, the maximum RPM these can run are between 1094 RPM to 1182 RPM.

Front fans/Radiator mounting area

The front panel allows you to install 3x 120mm fans or 2x 140mm fans just like the CM 690 II Plus. You can also install up to certain 360mm radiators by installing them from inside the case and the fans from the outside. The upper part of the front panel does have an obstacle, but there is some space between the front panel plastic body and its frame.

FP/ I/O access

The front panel grill does not allow you to easily remove the mesh to clean it up. On the bright side, the front panel console is not attached to the front panel.

Cable tie loops

There are adequate cable tie loops on the motherboard tray and its side. This way you should find it easier to do cable management with flat cable modular/semi-modular power supplies.

HDD tray area

Towards the base, you can install up to 2x 3.5” HDDs and re-write if from the right side panel. This is nicely done as the space between the HDD/SSD mounts and motherboard is minimal, so you can utilize the SATA Power ports easily with the SATA power port the RGB control hub needs. You can mount 2.5” SSD/HDDs in these trays.

Cable management area

Apart from the front panel wiring, the MasterBox MB500 has additional wirings due to RGB lighting controls and hubs. Apart from the additional cable from each of the fans, CM added a three-RGB pin to single-RGB header adapter which is then connected to a hub which has two wiring- one for the reset switch. Another for the power which requires a SATA power port. CM did not provide RESET header for the motherboard, but you can unclip it from the hub and have it on the motherboard.

Speaking of the hub and RGB adapters…

Different RGB power hub from the instruction manual???

Cooler Master’s instruction pamphlet showed an interesting looking hub where it appears to have a brightness controller button and the RGB alignment marker on it. As you can see above, while the markers are present on the three-to-single four-PIN RGB header adapter, there is no marker on the hub. This was a problem for as the RGB hub was disconnected from the adapter. There was no brightness switch as well. It is just a controller board with heat shrink wrap.


  1. Sir question is this support the new cooler master vertical mount GPU with no cutting grills?

  2. On this case? No, it does not. Many reviewers proved it vertical GPU mounts do not have a bad airflow.

  3. Where do I buy this please tell me

  4. It is already there in PC hardware stores nationwide.

  5. Are the case fans noisy and annoying under load ?

  6. That testing is done in the 6th page. In a room, it doesn’t really make a difference in a closed case setup. These are rifle bearing fans. Rifle bearing fans are quieter than sleeve bearing but with lifespan somewhere close to a ball bearing fan.

    The dB testing link is here: https://www.hardwarebbq.com/cooler-master-masterbox-mb500-pc-case-review/6/

  7. hello, i just build in this case but the rgb lights in the fan dont turn on, they are coneccted to he rgb controller, do you know what i could do? thanks

  8. They’re probably defective. You can ask for a replacement. Just send them the photographs of the controller module and the lack of lighting to their support at the same time so that they’ll proceed for a replacement.

  9. Just wondering will a 240mm radiator still fit with 2xssd drives installed in the front

  10. Just a question will a 240mm aio fit infront with 2xssd installed

  11. 120/240/360? Yes. 140/280? No.

    You could just install the SSDs over the PSU shroud since it has mounts and cut-outs for the cable.

  12. Thank you i just di.Not a fan of the bottom mounted ssd bays as the cables are away from the case but it works.Was a mission to remove my bottom fan but moved them up at top.I am just waiting on the courier to deliver the aio.

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