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Metal base for the tempered glass panel

Cooler Master MasterBox MB500 PC Case Review

  1. About the Masterbox MB500…
  2. PC Case Overview- External
  3. PC Case Overview- Internal
  4. Compatibility Check and Installation Experience
  5. Setup images, Illumination Effects and Test Setup
  6. Performance Testing- Sound and Temperature
  7. Conclusion
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Setup images

With the Gigabyte Z97 Gaming GT ATX motherboard with the Core i7 4790K and a Noctua NH-U12S CPU air cooler, a SanDisk Extreme II 240GB SSD and a WD 3TB Red EFRX HDD for storage, and the Thermaltake DPS G Gold 750w semi-modular flat cable power supply, the system looks full. It is a good practice to have some additional height and depth for the motherboard. You’ll not have compatibility issues with a graphics card, such as the AORUS RX 580 XTR 8G OC which is used here with the Cooler Master GPU stand with a magnetic base. For AIO compatibility, I’ve used the CM Masterliquid ML240R RGB AIO cooler which will be released and have its review out.

Personally, I would like to see full mesh frontal on the Masterbox MB500.  I’ve reinstalled the CPU fans towards the top of the front frame. The lower fan installation may have its airflow somewhat restricted due to the shroud. It would be advisable to have an additional 120mm fan for the lower section, especially if you have mechanical HDDs installed at its base. Another reason I prefer such installation is the front panel. Even if its upper side does not have any grills, its shaped in a way where there is some distance between it and the fans. While the fan facing the grill pulls in the air for the graphics card, the upper mount fan should help to circulate the air intake through the memory stick and the CPU cooler.

Illumination Effects

As mentioned earlier with the hub indicator for the RGB headers, I didn’t connect the RGB lighting. But for those who don’t wish to have an RGB light with the fans, you might be pleased to know the smoked tempered does allow any illumination from the components to be seen out while giving that stealth covering for the rest of the components. The power button has a power on a LED ring around it. The front USB ports are spaced nicely to allow large flash drive connections. The clamping force of the USB ports is too strong. While it is not a problem pulling out a USB cable or a flash drive, mini flash such as this one needs care. This is the first time I’ve experienced a strong USB clamping in many cases, including Cooler Master.


  1. Sir question is this support the new cooler master vertical mount GPU with no cutting grills?

  2. On this case? No, it does not. Many reviewers proved it vertical GPU mounts do not have a bad airflow.

  3. Where do I buy this please tell me

  4. It is already there in PC hardware stores nationwide.

  5. Are the case fans noisy and annoying under load ?

  6. That testing is done in the 6th page. In a room, it doesn’t really make a difference in a closed case setup. These are rifle bearing fans. Rifle bearing fans are quieter than sleeve bearing but with lifespan somewhere close to a ball bearing fan.

    The dB testing link is here: https://www.hardwarebbq.com/cooler-master-masterbox-mb500-pc-case-review/6/

  7. hello, i just build in this case but the rgb lights in the fan dont turn on, they are coneccted to he rgb controller, do you know what i could do? thanks

  8. They’re probably defective. You can ask for a replacement. Just send them the photographs of the controller module and the lack of lighting to their support at the same time so that they’ll proceed for a replacement.

  9. Just wondering will a 240mm radiator still fit with 2xssd drives installed in the front

  10. Just a question will a 240mm aio fit infront with 2xssd installed

  11. 120/240/360? Yes. 140/280? No.

    You could just install the SSDs over the PSU shroud since it has mounts and cut-outs for the cable.

  12. Thank you i just di.Not a fan of the bottom mounted ssd bays as the cables are away from the case but it works.Was a mission to remove my bottom fan but moved them up at top.I am just waiting on the courier to deliver the aio.

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