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Metal base for the tempered glass panel

Cooler Master MasterBox MB500 PC Case Review

  1. About the Masterbox MB500…
  2. PC Case Overview- External
  3. PC Case Overview- Internal
  4. Compatibility Check and Installation Experience
  5. Setup images, Illumination Effects and Test Setup
  6. Performance Testing- Sound and Temperature
  7. Conclusion
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The good…

The MasterBox MB500 fulfils the bare basic needs of a mid-end gaming system with more support for the 2.5″ SSDs, graphics card and liquid cooling. It does have RGB fans whose fans push in a good amount of air. It makes sense to have the second fan towards the upper section of the front panel. The shroud cannot be removed which is a minor inconvenience in some situations. For the Masterbox MB500, not having a top radiator mount is not a big deal as there’s good support for up to 360mm radiators towards the front. It does not have enough depth to mount large 140mm CPU coolers so they’ll look elsewhere. It would be nice if the case had little bit space between the motherboard and the top panel. Some motherboard designs end up having aftermarket tower CPU cooler overlap its top section. Also, no additional reset header for the motherboard but I believe the RGB action should still work without having it connected to the RGB pod.

…and the not-so-good!!

The RGB pod didn’t have a brightness switch which is seen in the manual. It also does not have the RGB marker on it to align the RGB connector properly. With the components used, the cable management was acceptable but it would be difficult with non-modular power supplies. You’ll have to stuff those unused cables somewhere, and stuffing anywhere might be a challenge. I recommend shortlisting at least a semi-modular power supply.

If you stick with air cooling and plan to have a fully packed system with all fans for the front, remember you can install 3x 120 mm BUT 2x 140 mm fans. This remembers me of Cooler Master 690 II Plus.

Other choices…

The Masterbox MB500 costs Rs. 6,000/- IN. If you look at Prime ABGB, it is in the same price range as the View 27/ 28, Versa C21 and also its own Masterbox Lite 5 MCW-L5S3-KGNN-02. The older in age but not by function CM 690 III mid tower (and probably costs a bit more now if it is available) is more interesting as an ATX case. Sure its based on the older design, but you have a good amount of HDD storage and can mount the radiator on the top. It also has a good and height for an ATX motherboard layout case. I haven’t tested the Masterbox Lite 5 but it doesn’t have any vented front panel. All the front three fans are expected to scoop air from the top and base vents on the front panel.  The Masterbox MB500 looks pretty good within the choice of components as the ones I’ve used. Maybe the MB500 is aimed towards AIO liquid cooling units. And it would make sense to have something to provide limited size 360mm radiator over tall CPU air cooler support. Choose your components first, then make plans for a PC case.

Interestingly, this is not listed in any Amazon stores, including in the US and India. In the UK, it has the generic ‘Out-of-stock‘ listing at the time of writing. Perhaps its a case for some type of markets?

India US UK
₹5,999/- NA NA

  • 3x RGB fans
  • RGB Controller
  • Frontal Ventilation
  • Good support for SSDs
  • Tempered glass
  • No glossy plastic
  • Needs more depth and height
  • Needs better air filter for the PSU
  • No marker on the RGB pod
  • The area between 500w-600w+ non-modular power supplies and the HDD might be cramped to hide away unused cables

Edit (26.03.2018): CM India said the case which I received was the pre-production model. The retail version will have the hub as shown in the instruction manual. Hopefully, that’s the only difference.

Cooler Master MasterBox MB500 PC Case Review from hardware


  1. Sir question is this support the new cooler master vertical mount GPU with no cutting grills?

  2. On this case? No, it does not. Many reviewers proved it vertical GPU mounts do not have a bad airflow.

  3. Where do I buy this please tell me

  4. It is already there in PC hardware stores nationwide.

  5. Are the case fans noisy and annoying under load ?

  6. That testing is done in the 6th page. In a room, it doesn’t really make a difference in a closed case setup. These are rifle bearing fans. Rifle bearing fans are quieter than sleeve bearing but with lifespan somewhere close to a ball bearing fan.

    The dB testing link is here: https://www.hardwarebbq.com/cooler-master-masterbox-mb500-pc-case-review/6/

  7. hello, i just build in this case but the rgb lights in the fan dont turn on, they are coneccted to he rgb controller, do you know what i could do? thanks

  8. They’re probably defective. You can ask for a replacement. Just send them the photographs of the controller module and the lack of lighting to their support at the same time so that they’ll proceed for a replacement.

  9. Just wondering will a 240mm radiator still fit with 2xssd drives installed in the front

  10. Just a question will a 240mm aio fit infront with 2xssd installed

  11. 120/240/360? Yes. 140/280? No.

    You could just install the SSDs over the PSU shroud since it has mounts and cut-outs for the cable.

  12. Thank you i just di.Not a fan of the bottom mounted ssd bays as the cables are away from the case but it works.Was a mission to remove my bottom fan but moved them up at top.I am just waiting on the courier to deliver the aio.

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