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8 CM Mastercase Pro 3

Cooler Master Mastercase Pro 3 Review

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Exterior Impressions

If it wasn’t for the five slots, you could have easily mistaken it for a full ATX case. The left side panel has a smoked plexiglass while the rest of the design is no different from its Mastercase theme. Since its a Pro variant, the case has the top panel for the 240mm radiator with a lid. The front panel has a mesh which can be removed for easy cleaning. There is a 5.25” mesh panel but no internal support. Cooler master does provide a small attachment for 5.25” fan controller bays.

Top Panel Area

While the top panel lid sits well on the frame, the frame isn’t secured properly on the case. The radiator support frame is removable.

Front Panel Options

The Mastercase Pro 3 has two USB 3.0, audio jacks, a rest, an activity LED and a power button with an inbuilt power indicator. With newer motherboard we get to see two USB 3.0 front panel ports, PC case makers should facilitate the future-readiness.

Interior Impressions

There are two 120mm fans preinstalled- one for the front and the rear. The 2x HDD/SSD bays are kept on the lower section with a plate separating the motherboard area and the PSU area. On top of the plate, there are two 2.5 casings. The fifth PCIe slot as a cable loop lock.

Cable Management

True to its design foundation, the Mastercase Pro 3 has many cable management access, Velcro straps and cable tie loops. Additionally, the cable routing holes towards the top are good enough for ATX 12v cables and fan cables.

PSU Area and HDD Cage

The part of the 240mm mount is towards the lower side. The plate has a cut out to install the 240mm radiator through. You can shift the HDD cage and its base, moving it closer towards the power supply. Though the PSU area is large enough for up to 200mm, I would recommend sticking to a semi-modular or modular power supply, depending on your choice of components.

The PSU mounting uses a frame with attached thumb screws. The removable base filter is good for long power supply units.

Rear Panel

The rear allows a single 140mm fan installation with vents above and below it. All the PCIe slots covers are vented and removable. The fifth one is a cable loop to secure any peripheral cable on it.

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