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8 CM Mastercase Pro 3

Cooler Master Mastercase Pro 3 Review

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PSU Mounting

The PSU frame needs to be removed and installed on the power supply, then install it back in. Sliding a power supply from the outside is a much better installation method.

SSD Mounting

The SSD mounting could have improved keeping the right-angled SATA connectors in mind. Due to the support on the plate which secures itself in the case, the mould of the right-angled SATA cable obstructs the installation. It is best to stick with SATA which use straight connectors.

HDD Cage Placement

If you move the HDD bays, you’ll need to unscrew the thumbscrews that keep it secured against the case. Once you move it, you’ll need to put two screws on each side to secure the HDD cage on the baseplate. Moving the HDD case blocks the cable management hole on the divider.

The Mastercase Pro 3 with a semi-modular power supply (at least) ensures well-maintained case to store away cables at the rear. The cable tie loops are put up in the required places. I did not have a graphics card during the time of this review, but as the front panel area is clear it shouldn’t have any clearance issue at all. Since the base is steel, you could also buy CM’s GPU support stand with a magnetic base.

Apart from the top panel shroud and the right-angled SATA cable installation issue, the case is very well built. I would have liked to see a tempered glass as the default option, seeing as how many would like that. It also needs to be future-ready as newer motherboards from Intel and AMD beginning to have dual USB 3.0 front panel ports.

Concluding remarks…

Cooler Master Mastercase Pro 3 is a solid steel case. The built quality is excellent. But it looks like a smaller ATX case than a mATX case. The Mastercase Pro 3’s height is 505 mm, while Pro 5 is 548 mm and the Lite 3 is 378mm.

If you compare it with the Masterbox Lite 3 you get a lot more support, including dual 240mm towards the top and the front. Mastercase Lite 3 might hinder cable management once you start filling the case to its fullest potential. If CM could have made MP3 smaller if they could, but they couldn’t without removing some expansion support.

Some may argue that it is expensive for a mATX, seeing that it will support only two motherboard form factors. When you choose a mATX case like a Mastercase Pro 3, it’s a commitment towards future builds as well. While it might not be as restricted as a Mini-ITX form factor, mATX choice of motherboards is conservative compared to the amount of ATX form factor in every type of chipset, set of functions and costing. It’s not possible to say that Mastercase Pro 3 is small. But it’s feature packed!

India US UK
 Rs. 11,990/-  $86.44 £79.74

  • Excellent Quality
  • Cable Management
  • Two 240mm radiator installation option

  • Top Panel Shroud
  • Only two USB 3.0 FP ports
  • Could have provided Tempered glass to justify pricing
  • No space on the 2.5″ tray for right angled connectors

Cooler Master Mastercase Pro 3 Review from hardware

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