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Cooler Master MasterKeys Lite L Keyboard & Mouse Combo Review

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In comparison with CM Octane

The feeling of mem-chanical switches are somewhere around the Cherry MX Blue without the click sound. PC users of any type will need to actuate the keys all the way to its base for the system to register. Personally, I prefer the CM Octane that I still use since it’s a bit linear like the Cherry MX brown. At first, I liked used the Masterkeys L keyboard but then the feeling just died when I switched back to Octane. There’s also the problem of several keys registering itself two times for a single actuation. One might say it’s just bad luck with this particular unit, but the problem started occurring roughly after a week of use. The CM Octane that I am using is the same that was reviewed and its working like a charm. CM Octane’s keyboard lifespan . CM Octane also had a palm rest extension and dedicated media keys.

The CM Octane’s mouse was very uncomfortable to use, especially for large hands. Though MasterKeys Lite mouse is small for me, it’s easier to operate once you’re used to the size. Pressing the buttons on the sides feels cheap but for the price, there’s very little to complain.

In comparison, the built quality of the Masterkeys Lite L is better. Minimalistic design makes the Lite L keyboard look premium. For the low cost, you are getting on-the-fly full sized keyboards with RGB lighting. Long enough cables, media keys and other functions such as keyboard polling, keyboard lock, etc. The characters on the Masterkeys Lite’s keycaps are bolder and clearer than the Octane. The letter “B” looks like “B” not “8” like in the Octane. I am not a fan of RGB, but it uses on-the-fly keys. I can manage to emulate a near-white backlit fully lit up.


If you don’t mind full actuation, this is the keyboard combination to consider. It’s a good starter’s kit that shouldn’t be an issue. Cherry MX Blue users may like this keyboard if they wish to use one without the ‘click’ noise. Or else, there’s always the Cherry Brown switch based keyboards if you can afford one. Coolermaster still needs to improve the mouse as moving sideways feels rough and the side buttons feel cheap during actuation. On the bright side, the mouse’s design is much better than what they had with the previous two combos. Giving the benefit of the doubt that double press with certain keys is an issue in this unit, it’s a good combo to purchase.

India US UK
$59.99 £59.99
  • Features typically found in premium keyboards
  • CherryMX keycap compatibility
  • Minimalistic Design Keyboard
  • Better Mouse design
  • Manual light control
  • Two years warranty
  • Requires full actuation for key registration
  • Side buttons on the mouse feel cheap when actuated


Cooler Master MasterKeys Lite L Keyboard & Mouse Combo Review from hardware

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