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MasterCase 5 FreeForm Modularity System
MasterCase 5 FreeForm Modularity System

Cooler Master shows off ‘MasterCase’ cases with three variants

Cooler Master announced a 460 mm tall modular tower called as The MasterCase with three variations- MasterCase 5, MasterCase Pro 5 and MasterCase Maker 5. CM claims that the MasterConcept and MasterCase bring new ground the way PCs are designed, made, bought and used.

These cases are mid-sized units, but they offer exterior expandability. The difference is that MasterCase 5 has dual top handles and a standard door, with MasterCase Pro 5 with elevated mesh top-cover. MasterCase Maker 5 uses solid top cover and brooding, with an open-vent front door. CM used a new called ‘FreeFoam’ which uses a unique clip-and-click type panel.

It lets users to set the HDD cages vertically or remove the entire drive cage, allow multiple system setups like home servers, liquid-cooled workstation and even gaming setups that require space for extra-long space for dual GPU setups. The actual specs are not yet given, but  the case will be available for purchase on August 2015.

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