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CM Storm Sirus 5.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset SGH-6000-KK5R1 Review

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Coolermaster is a brand that needs no introduction to any tech enthusiast. Their cases, cooling products and PSUs have a pretty good reputation in the market. Recently they have been diversifying into the gaming segment with mice, keyboards and other gaming accessories.

CoolerMaster Sirus 5.1 headphone system is another step into their recent diversification in the gaming segment. They hope to target gamers and audiophiles alike with the Sirus.

To target a 5.1 headphone for gamers and audiophiles at the same time is difficult since more and more games support 5.1 surround sound but music is 2 channels (stereo) only .So the headphone will have to provide great 2 channel and 5.1 channel performance at the same time. Whether CM can really kill 2 birds with one stone (or headphone in this case) remains to be seen!

Many gaming headsets claim surround sound gaming but in reality provide just 2 headphone drivers resulting in stereo (or 2 channel sound). They give the illusion of surround sound via software EQ and DSP tricks. The Sirus however is a true multichannel headphone with 8 discrete speakers for separate front, rear, centre and sub channels. The headphone also has a uni directional microphone with background noise cancellation to ensure good quality conversations online with team mates.

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