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Eisberg Prestige

CM shows Eisberg CPU liquid coolers, CPU block

CM Germany was showing off their first Closed Looped liquid-cooling CPU units called Eisberg Prestige. They also have a pretty interesting Promo Video as well:

The specs are not available yet but the metal parts in Eisberg units are made in Germany and are made using Pure copper and something they call “Jetstream technology” to help in heat dissipation. There are 2 Closed loop units followed by a CPU block that can be purchased and used with your preferred liquid-cooling kits- Prestige 120, Prestige 240 (naturally, 120 has a single 120mm mount and 240 has dual 120mm fan mount) and Prestige Single.

Eisberg 120Eisberg 240Eisberg Single

This isn’t the first time CM is into water cooling. Remember Aquagate?

P.S.: At the time of writing, they’re giving away one of the Eisberg units as a giveaway, in case you’re interested, but do note that even though the contest has a drop-down menu to select which country you reside in- the terms and conditions of the contest specifically state that its for EU residents only.


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