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Coolermaster HAF XB LAN Box/Test Bench Review

  1. Introduction
  2. Packaging and Specification
  3. External Impressions Part 1
  4. External Impressions Part 2
  5. Internal Impressions Part 1
  6. Internal Impressions Part 2
  7. Installation Impressions and Observations
  8. Conclusion
  9. View All

Because of the case’s ‘unconventional’ design in comparison with traditional tower type desktop cases, this takes more on the ground or on the table.


Other than the obvious dimension of the packaging, Coolermaster comes with the usual illustrations, feature and specifications list put throughout the case, along with front, top and open panel view of the case.


The case is protected by 2 blocks of Styrofoam on its sidepanel area, and the case is wrapped in plastic.

HAF XB comes in 2 variants: mesh and acrylic top panel. The mesh version is the one which comes with 200mm fan mount and uses rubber grommets on the mounting holes.


The frame is a steel body that allows to mount ATX formfactor motherboards with 2x 5.25” drives and 2x 3.5″ drives via their X-Dock hot-swappable bay drive cages. But CM has 6x 2.5″ drive mount in the case (4x dedicated, 2x on the Hot-swappable tray), you can mount your 2.5″ mechanical/SSD storage drives easily.

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