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Coolermaster HAF XB LAN Box/Test Bench Review

  1. Introduction
  2. Packaging and Specification
  3. External Impressions Part 1
  4. External Impressions Part 2
  5. Internal Impressions Part 1
  6. Internal Impressions Part 2
  7. Installation Impressions and Observations
  8. Conclusion
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CM provided 2.5” rails so that you can slide the 2.5” SSDs inside.

The base section’s cable management and installation had to be done at first.

IMG_2757 As said before, power supplies like Corsair’s TX series power supplies does create a bit of a mess between the hot-swap PCB. Individually sleeved and modular power supplies wouldn’t have this problem. But if you are using power supplies as long as 18-20cm with such cables, you may end up in a situation where you’ll require the second rev version of the PCB. The cables that you don’t require to use can be tied down very nicely. What I would like to is that the HDD hot-swap bay should have some way of installing a fan to keep those mechanical drives cool.

For an X-Dock design, maybe CM could design an equivalent of Lian Li’s EX-H22 hot-swap HDD mount. Then again, if the case was tall enough to have an option mount 120mm instead of 80mm, you could also have space to mount 3-4 HDD bay slots.

Yeah yeah, so there will always be “ifs” and “buts”, but then getting a 80mm to cool the lower section of the case via pull configuration and no front fans for the HDD could lead to skepticism with certain interested end-users, especially by users in countries known to have hot-and-humid conditions and to make things worse, not getting a decent enough 80mm fan. 120mm fans are commonly available everywhere.

If you’re looking for 80mm fans, there are few: Artic Cooling’s Artic F8 PWM fan, Noctua’s NF-R8 80mm fan, Few fans from Panaflo and Delta followed by Noiseblocker NB-Multiframe M8-S1 80mm fan.


There is enough space between the tray and the front panel, so you should be able to install thick 240mm radiators.


Cable tie clips helps to reduce the cable clutters down to a minimum even with TX750 power supply, but if you are planning on modular/individually sleeved power supplies with 240mm watercooling rig, you’ll have an excellent time with the cable management.

On the other hand, I wish CM provided better fans on the front. But, like many system enthusiasts and n00bs, you’ll probably replace them with better 120mm fans.

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