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Corsair Accelerator SSD Drives

Corsair releases Accelerator series cache drives

Corsair India released 3 of its Accelerator series Solid-State cache drives in India.

According to the press release:

The Accelerator Series is designed for desktop PC users who want to give their Microsoft® Windows® based PC a dramatic performance boost with minimal cost and hassle. Corsair’s new line of SSD cache drives includes premium Dataplex™ caching software from NVELO, for improved boot times and lightning-quick file access. After connecting an Accelerator Series SSD cache drive to their computer’s SATA port and installing the caching software provided with the drive, users will see an immediate speed boost. No drive mapping, no reinstallation of the operating system or applications, and no complex file management is needed – the Accelerator Series SSD cache drive works in tandem with the customer’s existing hard drive to provide optimized performance. Customers may see an improvement in read/write speeds of up to 5x their current hard drive performance after installing a Corsair Accelerator Series SSD cache drive.

They seem to be paired with Kingston’s lower cost SSDs with similar capacity that retails for similar retail price. Not sure if others have, but that’s a tale for another day.

To be honest there’s really nothing much to say, except they are made to fill up the space between Rs. 4,000 to Rs. 6,000/- and these are SATA II SSD drives mind you. As per Corsair’s press release, the suggested retail price of Rs. 5,999/- for the 60GB model, Rs. 5,499/- for the 45GB model, and Rs. 3,999/- for the 30GB model. All drives come with 3 year warranty.

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