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Corsair Accelerator Series 60GB Cache Drive Review

  1. Introduction
  2. Packaging and Specifications
  3. Internal Impressions
  4. Installation and End-User Experience
  5. Test Setup and Benchmark
  6. Conclusion
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Corsair launched the Accelerator Series with the following promise as put up on their product page:
“An Accelerator Series SSD cache drive doesn’t replace your hard drive- it just makes it faster. Installation takes just minutes. There are no configuration hassles and you’ll start to experience the improvement immediately.”

Keeping that in mind, I will be evaluating 60gig Cache Drive and see how much life can it give to a mechanical drive.


  1. people should stick to buying a SSD desktop upgrade kit like how corsair and Kingston has rather than making a fuzz and buying this. this drive would have made sense 1 year ago but now its not. samsung 830 is the best pick considering that people have their success stories with these drives.

  2. So Read part of caching works just like momentus XT yes? But what I don’t understand is why doesn’t the software lets you cache in multiboot since its far more than 8MB of flash nand?

  3. yeah the software has that “DLC” type annoying part. I am paying for a product, I want that freedom, not restriction.

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