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Corsair Carbide Series 500R Mid-Tower Case Review

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  2. Packaging and Specifications
  3. About the Case Packaging
  4. External Impressions Part 1
  5. External Impressions Part 2
  6. Internal Impressions Part 1
  7. Internal Impressions Part 2
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  9. Conclusion
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Corsair is one of those well organized companies who properly divide their product into the series: Dominator, Vengeance, Hydro…list is pretty extensive. It should be a no-brainer for some who is in regular update with what’s happening in today’s hardware scene: you will notice anywhere between 1-4 product(s) in a well balanced rig from Corsair- memory kits, CPU Coolers (especially water cooling units), PC case, SSD drives, USB drives and Power supplies.

Memory division needs to buck up like how Corsair did. G Skills are pretty much everywhere, Kingston is pushing HyperX series, Transcend and few others are nowhere to be seen except in tier 2 cities.

Speaking of memory kits, in a world where 1600MHz/CL7 latency memory kits, 1800MHz kits-2000MHz is what is going around, ours is still stuck @ 1600MHz 9-9-9-27 irrespective of the brand in average as of now.

Back to the topic…

Corsair_500R_032500R gets the usual treatment so lets see how it is!


  1. Hey,

    can you please tell me how you got hold of this cabbie in india? I'm desperately looking to buy this and have checked almost the online shops, called corsair distibutors Aditya multiple times and checked with a number of shops over here in Bangalore. The 400R was launched way back in Oct-Nov in India and is easily available, but Corsair seems to be in no mood to launch this over her. 🙁 I'm thinking of giving up and buying NZXT Phantom instead (if I can get that! 🙁 )

  2. Depends where you're living. In Mumbai you can try Prime ABGB. In Bangalore there's Golcha.

  3. Not that I am sure of. Sorry. But you can try online stores if you want to…

  4. i’ve read your review few weeks ago and i laughed because this case won so many awards from so many reviewers, but when i checked out the case personally, i kept my mouth shut. for this price, this case is crap. its nothing more than a slight bumped version of 400r. i decided to buy one of the cases from fractal design. that case and bitfenix is solid as a rock. i would have probably picked cm 690II if it had more space on the rear panel and all the 6 hdd racks were cooled by 2x 120mm fans if not 140mm. but i am so tired of seeing cm 690’s design everywhere. thanks for your time and for effort in putting this review because it somewhat taught me that awards arent everything.

  5. u only review corsair and coolermaster. y not NZXT or antec??

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