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Corsair M90 Laser Gaming Mouse Review

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The mouse comes with Avago ADNS-9500 LaserStream sensor specifically for gaming purpose that supports up to 5700 DPI. There’s a 48KB onboard memory to store up to 6 profiles with LED indicator on the mouse and uses an Omron switch left the left and right key. The mouse has about 15 programmable switches.

The shell of the mouse is plastic with a soft feel touch with an aluminium frame that can be seen around the body and the base. The polling rate is 1000Hz/500Hz/250Hz/125Hz. There’s really not much information given on Corsair’s product page, except to add more than the mouse comes with 2 years warranty period.




Corsair didn’t send the mouse with its standard packaging so I have no take on it nor I have any idea if you get anything with it. The cable of the mouse is braided and its about 1.8mts and has a gold-plated USB connector.

Personally, I don’t like the concept of having a dedicated mouse for MMO/RTS. Professional gamers and other specific users might have another say on this. It mostly depends on the person’s preference. Its good to have a mouse which can be used for all games.

Keeping that in mind, out of the box this mouse is great for FPS gaming. The ergonomics are excellent for a palm grip user. I am not into MMO/RTS gaming, but the set of buttons next to the thumb rest is a bit harder to press. You will need to press it hard to register a keystroke. People with larger hands might have difficulty to reach towards some buttons- all the more I believe that MMO/RTS mouse is not really a good concept because no matter how many buttons you put, the mouse will have that limited size based on your grip style.


The mouse is designed for right-handed users- just like most of the gaming mice. Speaking of thumb rest, while the body of the mouse has that soft feel touch, the thumb rest has a rough textured finish. As someone who plays FPS mostly, I like a rough feel on the thumb-rest. Corsair might advertise this mouse specifically for MMO/RTS but other than having so many buttons it is pretty good for Palm users. The soft feel helps the user to feel comfortable to have a grip on the mouse for a longer period of time.
IMG_4553There is six tiny blue LED indicator that lets you know which profile you’ve preset on the mouse’s onboard memory.


Another point to keep in mind is that if you’re one of those gamers who prefer some friction might not like this mouse and having a textured mouse pad like Razer Goliathus Control Edition isn’t enough for the mouse to have the friction feel when you’re moving the mouse around. The scroll wheel has a good enough texture and feedback when you’re scrolling or pressing the scroll button.




By the feel of it, the mouse has Ultra Low friction feel whenever you’re moving the mouse around. Even with a textured mouse pad that gives you that friction feel will still be smooth. So if you’re preference is smooth gliding even in the textured mouse pads, this is perfect for you- or else you’re better off with something else. To give you a better clue, its a lot smoother than MX518’s case feets too because of the feel and size of the case feets. I am not sure what kind of Teflon based case feets are these but these are super smooth. Sliding sideways feel the same too, despite how small the feets look on the sides of the mouse.

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