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Corsair M90 Laser Gaming Mouse Review

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If I am going to pay a certain premium for a gaming with so many buttons, it is obvious I need it mostly for the buttons. All the more reason the feel of the button when pressed shouldn’t be that stiff. The built quality is great- credits to the soft feel and the aluminium bodywork with brushed aluminium base. Palm Users will enjoy this otherwise. No complaints about the scrolling and movement of the mouse and lift off distances. The mouse is too smooth to move around.

For palm users it is great. If you’re someone who uses a palm grip and need a mouse with extra buttons as shortcut keys and need for gameplay irrespective of the genre and prefer smooth feel when sliding the mouse around and would like a soft feel on your palm, this is excellent. If the buttons had some smoothness when pressing, I am pretty sure a lot of MMO/RTS would use most of the buttons around the thumb rest. I wonder if M60 feels the same way but unfortunately, Corsair didn’t send their mouse and keyboard counterparts. This is great for out of the box users as well.


Corsair gives 2 years warranty period viz. pretty much expected on a gaming mouse- especially when Razer and CM Storm give 2 years warranty on a wired gaming mouse.

India U.S. U.K.
Rs. 4,320/- $ 65.24 £ 50.81

I am not going to use the word expensive because the built quality is great. Don’t forget it has an aluminium body with brushed aluminium base- and like product with aluminium, they always command a certain premium. Best part it made the build quality of the mouse feel solid and the soft touch keeps your grip comfortable for a very long use. Its made to last for a very long time and you will not be disappointed by it.

It goes without saying that if you’re not going to use the macro keys and have them stored in the mouse, you’re underutilising the mouse- and I haven’t tested M60 to say if that mouse is really good for FPS and I haven’t check if its priced lower than M90 to be honest but you will not regret spending money as long as you’re a palm grip user and wouldn’t mind the ultra smooth mouse feets. If Corsair nailed the feel of the M90 keys around the thumb rest this is a brilliant mouse to have. If I weigh the pros and the cons- and keep my preference aside, built quality deserves a big thumbs-up alone.

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