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Corsair releases VS450 PSU for India and China

Well, initially I thought its duplicated since it was not able to be seen in Corsair’s official website or in other leading sites, but its confirmed: Corsair VS450 is for Indian and China Users only (as of now).

Although there wasn’t much information I came to know about this via Prime ABGB‘s website but the Chinese site “360 Buy” pretty much had all the photograph you need to know. But after my conversation with Corsair India’s PR they said that this is only for India and China, therefore it is not listed in Corsair’s site- and that we don’t have a Corsair India domain. They also explained that this is the reason why the UL Number is not mentioned in the product.

vs 450

vs 450

For more pictures, including the PCB (ooh lookie-lookie, its a white PCB) you can check it out here. Unfortunately, Hardware BBQ doesn’t have a real test setup to evaluate power supplies- like every Indian Tech review source out there- but I sort of asked someone if he can take a look into. Will he do it? Well, its all upto him.

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