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Creative Aurvana Live ! 2
Creative Aurvana Live ! 2

Creative Aurvana Live! 2 Headset Review

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Creative had launched their premium headset – the Creative Aurvana Live! Some time back. The original Live was based on the popular Denon D1000/D1001 headset which was a pretty good headset in its own right. Creative tweaked the sound further so there were sonic differences.

Many people appreciated the Aurvana Live! as it was a good performer. However, the headphone wasn’t without any flaws. For one, it is a bass heavy headphone. So while bass heads were more than happy with the sound a lot of other people didn’t care for so much bass and preferred a more neutral sound.

Now Creative has launched the new Auravana Live! 2 which claims to offer a flatter, more neutral response which should satisfy a much larger audience. The Auravana Live! 2 has a completely redesigned body and look along with different bio-cellulose drivers. Now the older Aurvana Live! is still being sold along with the Aurvana Live! 2 headset as the sound signature differs enough to warrant two headphones.

Creative Aurvana Live ! 2

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