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Audigy RX Front
Audigy RX Front packaging

Creative Sound Blaster Audigy RX 7.1 Sound Card Review

  1. Introduction
  2. Specifications
  3. Installation and Initial impressions
  4. Sound quality
  5. Conclusion
  6. Online Purchase Links

Creative had launched their quad core Recon 3D cards and ZX series cards some time back. These were mid and high-end audio gaming cards which were well received all over. However, the entry level market didn’t have any real compelling options from Creative. The only options were the old Audigy Value and Soundblaster 5.1 cards which were launched many years ago.

With the launch of the Creative Sound Blaster Audigy RX 7.1, Creative is infusing some fresh tech in the entry level sound card market. On paper, the specs of the Audigy RX 7.1 are very good – Built-in headphone amplifier, 7.1 channel support, gold plated connectors etc are all hallmarks of a high-end sound card.

Compared to Creative’s own higher end offerings, the street prices of these cards have reduced quite a bit.  You can pick up their mid end Creative Z sound card for barely a few more $$$ over the TX. (Currently at $85). While the Z has Creative’s top-end quad-core chipset, you also get features like Crystal Talk and Scout in addition to a heat shield and beam microphone.

And ASUS has a few cards at a lower price point though they are older models. The ASUS Xonar DGX sells for just $38 and also has a decent headphone amplifier.

Currently, the Audigy RX 7.1 is priced at $60 which puts it in a bit higher than the competition (DGX) but comes with much newer hardware.


  1. Thank you, great review. I have been looking for a sound card to use with the astro a50 as they connect using a coaxial cable. Placed order on New egg, they are selling for $49.99.

  2. We’re happy that this review helped you to make a decision in your purchase! Enjoy the awesomeness!

    If there’s anything you want to add based on your experience that would be helpful for fellow users, you can always share it over here:

  3. Thanks for the feedback. Glad to know the review helped your decision ! 🙂

  4. Will this sound card work well with quality 2.1 speakers like Creative T3? Or should I look for alternative cards/DAC for the T3?

  5. Hi, yes this sound card will work perfectly with your Creative T3 ! You will need to spend a lot more on a sound card to find one that is much better than the RX.

    The only reason to not consider the RX is that USB soundcards are more versatile and now offer comparable performance but they also do take up a USB port and desk space while this is better solution for a more permanent setup.

  6. Excellent review.. I’m in the process of narrowing down to this card for home audio production. My only concern is that will the 5 1 features work as discreet channels from a audio software like neuendo or protools. To a AV reciever via optical output.

  7. Yes it will. This card does output 5.1 audio via optical easily! All the best for your home audio setup.

  8. Thanks Brendon

  9. Whatis the pont of 7.1 if I don’t get it transferred to my amplifier, when watching movies. t need o bemid down to5.1 and then amplifier mixes it up to 7.1again.

  10. I have 7.1 with 4 3.5 jack pin’s
    and Audigy rx has only 3 line out, how do I connect
    plz help I want to buy this sound card

  11. I also have A creative inspire 7.1 speakers with 3.5 jacks as follows
    the fronts has 1 jack
    the rears have 1 jack as do the sides
    the cente and subwoofer share a jack.
    my soundblaster card only has 3 line out jacks.. so I would have to lose 2 spekers hence I dony get 7.1

  12. Does it have adjustable echo or reverb?
    Windows 10 compatible?

  13. Yes, its windows 10 compatible. The software usually have echo effects where you can adjust its levels.

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