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Creative SoundBlaster E1 Portable Headphone Amp Review

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The Creative SoundBlaster E1 is a portable AMP and a standalone DAC. This is the first of its kind in Creative’s portfolio. Creative already boasts plenty of DACs in it’s arsenal – Both internal and external. What makes this DAC different from all the others is that it doubles up as a portable headphone amp as well. With 25 hours of claimed battery life it makes it very versatile as a headphone amp and its small size is an added bonus.

Another bonus is that it supports two headphone outs at the same time.

One of the headphone’s out sockets can support earphones with built-in microphones for using with your mobile device. The E1 also has a bigger brother in the form of the E3. The E3 is one of the first ever portable Bluetooth headphone amplifiers! I hope to be able to review the E3 also shortly.

Inner Packaging


  1. Brendon, how did the audio quality of the E1 compare to the Sound Blaster Omni you also reviewed? Have you had a chance to try the E3 yet?

  2. Hi, I didn’t have the Omni with me when the E1 came but from memory the performance was pretty much the same.

    And no unfortunately we haven’t had the chance to get our hands on the E3 yet.

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