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Crytek problems continues as ‘Homefront’ director quits

Things do not look good for Crytek as the company is facing series of issues for the past months– employees either not getting paid or getting half the salary. Majority of Crytek UK’s employees have also stopped reporting for work as they were not paid for a very long time.


Just recently, the director of supposedly upcoming Homefront: The Revolution Hasit Zala resigned from Crytek UK. Along with him, few more people left including its UK development manager Ben Harris.

According to an unnamed UK office employee, this departure has created a weird situation as there is no upper management and everything is continuing on a downward spiral. What doesn’t help the situation is that the company is staying very quiet about the series of salary related issues, along with employees and senior staff quitting the company. Many games of existing and fresh titles from Crytek have been delayed or left halfway. With the fate of the company and its employees left in the dark, the release of games would be the last in anyone’s mind.

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