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Crytek unable to pay staff, drops ‘Ryse’ Sequel

The developer behind one of the well-known games ‘Crysis’ and ‘Ryse’ is facing issues as its not able to pay its employees. Many employees and former employees have indicated unstable environment in the workplace and poor communication due to many high-level personnel who had to be fired. This resulted in complete discord of operations.

Crytek-logoAlong with the sequel of Ryse, Crytek has cancelled multiple projects over the few months and also have been laying off around 100 employees since March. It is also being said by three employees that since February, Crytek was no longer working with Microsoft for Ryse 2.Some of the projects are prototypes whereas some are sequels of their existing game franchises.  The company was developing Homefront: The Revolution, MOBA arena of fate via multiple multinational offices. Crytek cancelled its original game title was supposed to start pre-production.

Speaking to former employees, they’ve confirmed that the company has been frequently missing payments and regularly assuring its employees that the issue will be fixed. For that time, the company has been issuing cheques at a later date. It was also being told that nobody is handling salary issues via email probably to ensure that the news will not break out.

During this time, the company personnel have addressed these complaints in person. Crytek’s co-founder Avni Yerli also told its staff not to speak to the press about the issue that the studio is currently facing. But as the frustration builds up, its employees seem to have started to speak out, hoping for an effective resolution.

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