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DDR4 Support to arrive in Haswell-E by the end of 2014

It seems clear until now that Broadwell chipsets will support the new ‘SATA 3.2’ SATA Express chip with codenames Z97 and H97, but its also being found out that Intel plans to have DDR4 memory specification on Haswell-E lineups. Haswell-E is designated to replace Ivy Bridge E, which had only one year of life.

14nm Skylake viz. scheduled for Q1 2015 release will support DDR4.

The upcoming PC memory standard is in the news for some time now: During Intel Developer conference back in 2012, SK Hynix and Micron have made presentations and indicated that they will have start shipping out DDR3 memory during this year’s CES. Crucial also showed their DDR4 server class memory as well.

According to the report, Haswell-E will be using LGA 2011 socket but will be replacing Lituya Bay.

Source: VR-Zone China

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