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Dell snatches #1 position in Worldwide PC monitor market from Samsung

For the first time since 2007, Dell taken over Samsung in Worldwide PC monitor business as it shipped more than 5 Million unit during Q2 2013, according to IDC. It was also added that China still remains the largest consumer of PC monitors with 29.2% share, followed by U.S. with a share of 18.4% and then Brazil with a share of 4.3%.

On a year-to-year comparison, Samsung made a massive loss of 24.1% in the worldwide PC Monitor market, followed by Lenovo with a loss of 9% and HP with a loss of 0.2%. LG did enjoy a 16% boost on a year-to-year record, but it wasn’t enough to jump higher in the worldwide PC monitor unit shipment leaderboard.

The following technology and vendor trends were also highlighted by IDC.

Technology Highlights

  • LED backlight technology adoption continues to increase with 81.6% market share in 2Q13. This represents a year-over-year increase of 21.2 percentage points.
  • Screen size of 21.x-inches wide has held the largest worldwide share for the last three quarters, with 19.1% share in 2Q13.
  • Aspect ratio of 16:9 continues to dominate with about 75% market share, which is more than 4 times the second most widely used aspect ratio of 16:10. Aspect Ratio 21:9 has been growing over the past year, with a 70.5% increase quarter-over-quarter in 2Q13.
  • Monitors with TV tuners are expected to grow to 7.7% market share by 2017, up from 5.7% share in 2013, led by LG and Samsung with a combined market share of 95% in this category.
  • While touchscreen monitors are still a small segment of the total PC monitor market at 0.3% share, Dell leads the segment with 22.5% market share.

Vendor Highlights

  • Dell: Dell rose to the top position in 2Q13 with worldwide market share of 14.9% on shipments of 5.0 million units. The United States and Asia/Pacific (excluding Japan)(APeJ) regions delivered the biggest gains for Dell with 18.3% and 14.4% quarter-over-quarter growth, respectively.
  • Samsung: Although Samsung now ranks number two in terms of unit shipments, it remains the number one vendor in worldwide revenue with more than $1.1 billion in 2Q13, which represents 18.5% share in total market value.
  • HP: Despite being ranked number three worldwide, HP was the number one vendor in Western Europe and Canada.
  • LG: LG had the biggest growth among the Top 5 vendors with a 16.6% year-over-year increase in unit shipments. LG continues to be the number one PC monitor vendor in Latin America with 27.8% share, and this past quarter it captured the top position in Central and Eastern Europe with 18.4% share.
  • Lenovo: Lenovo rejoined the Top 5 vendor ranking in 2Q13 after slipping to number six in the previous quarter with a 10.0% increase in unit shipments quarter-over-quarter. It also continues to rank number one in the APeJ region with 16.6% market share and is the leading vendor in China.
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