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DimasTech presents its plans for Advanced Modular Case design

Dimastech is a well-known brand among hardware enthusiasts, overclockers and modders. Unlike conventional case makers, they expertise are reflected in their open bench and tech station designs and add-ons.

This time, Dimastech plans AMC- Advanced Modular Case. According to their post, this is the first project that would bring a complete custom case solution. Dimastech listed its plans and development stages and looks very interesting:

  • Total Customization of Dimensions (64 total combinations of Dimensions)
  • Total Customization of Colors (10 colors available for internal and external)
  • User-Friendly Approach
  • Total Tool-Free Installation and Mounting of parts
  • Huge WaterCooling capabilities
  • Huge Modding capabilities
  • First class materials
  • Simple and effective ways to swap parts and even to get a number of accessories for the product.

The case will be based on aluminum construction, varying between mini-ITX and HPTX designs. The case will have 4 different width, height and depth with a ton of customization options. The case’s rendering shows that it will come in 10 colour variants. This totals up to 64 different combinations per case.

Though Dimastech is a reputed brand within a small niche of users, it’s a small company- and you can’t kick off any project without funding. They have a team of 6 but achieved a lot over the years. Out of respect that their plans to innovate PC case designs by taking it to a different league, I am sharing this. What they’re looking for is funding for their new project and started a crowdsourcing fundraiser in Indiegogo. Do note, unlike many projects by many people, Dimastech has been around for a while. The amount is nowhere small- as they have a goal of €50,000 that they hope to raise within 40 days. I really look forward to see this project take-off and materialize in the real world.

For those who want to know more and would wish to contribute, you can do so from here.

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