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Dr Lisa Su rubbishes claims about her AMD exit

We rarely cover industry movements unless it plays a pivotal role on the platform, especially for CPUs and GPUs. But there was a news that indicated Dr Lisa Su was preparing a successor, implying she is moving on from AMD. Naturally, such news will create a ripple effect in the market causing any ups and downs in the stock market and share holder’s faith in the company.

This is also one of the rare situations where the CEO directly addresses the alleged false news posted by WCCFTech. Far from it, AMD’s CEO said that she loves the company and the best is yet to come.

About WCCFTech’s unreliability

WCCFTech, despite its success as a tech website, has been known for spreading fake news. WCCFTech is also known to regurgitate leaks from Chinese-based websites and over-the-top reporting while ironically being carried forward by websites like Hardware BBQ. Yes, I am calling myself out. But it made website owners like mine to wait, observe and later report. Unfortunately, sensationalisation brings in more traffic than sober facts and logic. This doesn’t excuse some websites at taking a subtle jab at them, including calling out its writer Usman Pirzada. Again- subtle mentions. Twitter is a wonderful place for all those conversations.

Fake news’ claim

According to the rumour, Dr Lisa Su was going to become the CEO of IBM, naturally requiring her to step down from AMD. Eventually, she will take over all the responsibilities from current CEO and President Ginni Rometty. The rumours, as usual, are all hat and no cattle. The rumour was shaped in sync with another industry movement from Rick Bergman as executive VP of AMD’s computing and graphics. Allegedly, he is supposed to be Dr Lisa Su’s replacement.

Industry concern?

In any case, this should be a concern within the tech media that spreading such baseless information with no substance creates an air of discredit and unreliability in the quest of being first to break the news. While much breaking news turns out to be true, this is false. Not the first nail in the coffin for the website. Many of its readers have been dissing WCCFTech for the same. Alas, that shouldn’t be the legacy of a website. Hopefully, this will enable everyone to be better.

Dr Lisa Su is set to launch the new EYPC Rome server CPUs with the latest Zen 2 architecture. This, for sure, is not a rumour.

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