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DRAM prices will rise due to next gen gaming consoles

If you really wish the prices of DRAMs should roll back to the way it was, well it seems that there’s a chance you will not see that anytime soon. A report pointed out that that due to the high demand for next generation gaming consoles Xbox One and PlayStation 4, there’s a strong possibility that the prices for DRAMs will significantly increase. JNNUWQBJE4CW 

DRAM prices have increased significantly as it is due to worldwide demand for smartphones and tablets. The consoles as it is will be using 8GB DDR3 memory each.  As the shipments for smartphones are crossing 800 million units annually, it will further create an immense pressure on the availability of DRAM, therefore increasing the price.

According to market observers, Microsoft Xbox One will reach shipments of up to 7.5 Million by the end of 2013, whereas Sony PlayStation 4 is expected to have a total shipment of 15-20 million units by the same time frame.

Its because of these demands, the PC DRAM chips will be stifled. The observers have said that the DRAM market will be in more tight situation in the next 3 years. The only choice to keep this from escalating is for chipmakers to increase the efficiency of their production rather than building newer fabs for extra capacity.

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